Focal Plane, No. 8:
Art & Science


Focal Plane, No. 8: Art & Science

The invention of photography is steeped in the history of three distinct lines of investigation: optics, chemistry, and art. Teaching the medium is invariably linked by the connection of these traditions. This issue of Focal Plane examines the intersection of both the nature and process of scientific inquiry and the philosophical creation of art. The photographers and historians in this issue walk you through their explorations of these intersections of art & science.


Steven David Johnson: “Vernal Pools of Appalachia”
Daniel Kariko: “Cabinet of Curiosities - Suburban Symbiosis: Insectus Domesticus”
Jennifer Tucker: “Photography Science Wonder”
Ian van Coller: “Naturalists of the Long Now,” by Nancy M. Mahoney

“Emily Irons,” by Daniel Kariko
Azher Jaweed, "The Materiality of Scientific Photographs and Those Who Make Them: An Interview with Chitra Ramalingam"
August L. Schield, a personal statement
“Riley Swartzendruber,” by Steven David Johnson

“Conservation Photography,” by Steven David Johnson
“Quick and Dirty: Daily Visual Exercises in a Photography Class” by Daniel Kariko
“Landscape and the Book,” by Ian van Coller

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