Focal Plane, No. 7:
A Study in Cyan


This issue of Focal Plane is our second devoted to Nineteenth Century processes featuring faculty exploring cyanotype in new and innovative ways. In the work, each explores their own meditations on the process bound up in reflections on landscape, nature, the intersection between the two, in addition to the mysteries of life, dreams, and dreaming. As you read on through these pages, take a moment to embrace the serenity of the images and allow yourself to contemplate the subject matter as well as the color of cyan.


Emily Gómez: “Pocket Waterfalls”
Osamu James Nakagawa: “The Landscape as Witness,” by Michelle Given
Christina Z. Anderson: “The Altered Landscape”
Emma Powell: “In Search of Sleep”

“Andrés Mario de Varona,” by Osamu James Nakagawa
“Donovan Dickey-Banmally,” by Emma Powell
“Lauren Evelyn,” by Emily Gómez
“Alexandrea Brazzle,” by Christina Z. Anderson

“Teaching Cyanotype,” by Emma Powell
“Christmas in October” by Emily Gómez
“Techniques for Excellence in Teaching,” by Christina Z. Anderson
“Leading A Study Abroad Program for Art Students,” by Osamu James Nakagawa
“Gerard Lange Awarded North Carolina RAP Grant for Focal Plane

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