Focal Plane, No. 5:
Women on Women


Issue 5 features all women photographers whose work focuses on their identity and the idea of womanhood as shaped by femininity, society, culture, and heritage. These include Ruth Adams and her student, Alexis Deane, from University of Kentucky; Bridget Conn and her student, Nicole Stevens, from Georgia Southern University, Armstrong Campus; Ashley Kauschinger and her student, Alyssa-Leigh Willey, from University of South Carolina; Suzanne Koett and her student, Sophie Stolis, from Headwaters School in Austin, Texas; and Annu Palakunnathu Matthew and her student, Casey Miller, from University of Rhode Island.


Ruth Adams: "Conversations With the Ancestors"
Bridget Conn: "Handcrafted Auguries"
Ashley Kauschinger: “In Her Own Right”
Suzanne Koett: “Study of Aloneness”
Annu Palakunnathu Matthew: “An Indian from India”

“Alexis Deane,” by Ruth Adams
“Nicole Stevens,” by Bridget Conn
"Sophie Soltis," by Suzanne Koett
“Alyssa Leigh Willey,” by Ashley Kauschinger
“Casey Miller,” by Annu Palakunnathu Matthew

“Teaching Teenagers,” by Suzanne Koett
“Beyond Writing Artist Statements,” by Ashley Kauschinger
“On Mistakes,” by Bridget Conn
“On Failure,” by Kevin Gilmore
“On Research,” by Ruth Adams

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