Focal Plane, No. 4:
Water, Water, Everywhere?

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Issue 4 features photographers whose work explores our relationship to water, considering policy, ecological change, and the mythos of this natural resource. Included are Darren Clark and his student, Katriel Abbott, from BYU-Idaho; Madeline Cottingham a community arts educator from New York; John Ganis and his student, Olivia Ezinga, from College of Creative Studies in Detriot; Carrie Tomberlin and Eric Tomberlin with their student, George Etheredge, from UNC Asheville; along with Lorraine Turi and her student, Brenda Barringer, from Rowan-Cabarrus Community College in Salisbury, North Carolina; with an introductory essay by Brian Palmer, originally published in onEarth by the Natural Resources Defense Council.


“Is Water a Human Right?,” by Brian Palmer

Darren Clark: “Henry’s Fork”
Madeline Cottingham: “The Protectors”
John Ganis: “America’s Endangered Coasts”
Carrie Tomberlin & Eric Tomberlin: “Sea Level Rise: Visualizing Climate Change”
Lorraine Turi: “Last Seen”

“Katriel Abbott,” by Darren Clark
“Brenda Barringer,” by Lorraine Turi
“George Etheredge,” by Carrie Tomberlin & Eric Tomberlin
“Olivia Ezinga,” by John Ganis

“On Critiques,” by John Ganis
“Perception of Place,” by Darren Clark
“Camera Obscura,” by Eric Tomberlin with Carrie Tomberlin
“Shared Experience,” by Lorraine Turi
“Resiliency at Lenox Hill,” by Madeline Cottingham

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