Focal Plane, No. 3:
Process Alternatives

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The third issue of Focal Plane features image makers whose work challenges the conventions of photography by returning to traditional methods and defining new ones. This edition features Carol Golemboski and her student, Kellie Smith, from University of Colorado Denver; Frank Hamrick and his student, Martin Graham Meyers, from Louisiana Tech University; Aspen Hochhalter and her student, Victoria Byers, from UNC Charlotte; Claudia Smigrod, from Virginia Military Institute and her former student, Samuel McGaughey, from the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design; Nicki Stager and her student, Millie Dougherty, from Nazareth Area High School, in Nazareth, Pennsylvania; along with an article about community photography classes at The Light Factory in Charlotte, North Carolina, by Patrick Saleeby, featuring work by Carolyn DeMeritt and Gary Walker.


“Continuing Education,” by Patrick Saleeby

Frank Hamrick: “Book Maker”
Carol Golemboski: “Reading Objects”
Aspen Hochhalter: “Reclamation of Silver”
Nicki Stager: “Mind & Body”
Claudia Smigrod: “Everything is Fleeting,” by Caitlin Lennon

“Kellie Smith,” by Carol Golemboski
“Samuel McGaughey,” by Claudia Smigrod
“Millie Dougherty,” by Nicki Stager
“Martin Graham Meyers,” by Frank Hamrick
“Victoria Byers,” by Aspen Hochhalter

“American Boy in Italy,” by Carol Golemboski
“TEXT/IMAGE,” by Claudia Smigrod
“Slowing Down,” by Nicki Stager
“Portfolio Throwdown!,” by Aspen Hochhalter
“101 Things Learned,” by Frank Hamrick

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