Focal Plane, No. 2:
Place & Identity

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This issue of Focal Plane includes photographers whose work examines how one's sense of place shapes their identity. These include Sama Alshaibi and her student, Maya Holzman, from University of Arizona; Eliot Dudik and his student, Ivan Echevarria, from the College of William & Mary; Jerome De Perlinghi and his student, Alexander Sharon, from Loyola University Chicago; Richard Knox Robinson and his student, Jessica Taylor, from Virginia Commonwealth University; Kevin Von Qualen and his student, Cole Watson, from Valor Christian High School in Highlands Ranch, Colorado; with an introductory essay by Jen Jack Gieseking, Assistant Professor of Public Humanities in the American Studies Program at Trinity College.


“Place & Identity,” by Jen Jack Gieseking

Richard Knox Robinson: “Against Representation”
Sama Alshaibi: “Silsila”
Jerome De Perlinghi: “Tale of Two Cities”
Eliot Dudik: “Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear,” by Charles Palermo
Kevin Von Qualen: “Intimate America”

"Alexander Sharon," by Jerome De Perlinghi
"Jessica Taylor," by Richard Knox Robinson
"Cole Watson," by Kevin Von Qualen
"Ivan Echevarria," by Eliot Dudik
"Maya Holzman," by Sama Alshaibi

“Designing a Curriculum,” by Eliot Dudik
“Semester At Sea,” by Richard Knox Robinson
“Discovering Place,” by Sama Alshaibi
“Destination Photography,” by Kevin Von Qualen
“Field Experience,” by Jerome De Perlinghi

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