Focal Plane, No. 1:

$22 (back issue price)

The inaugural issue of Focal Plane features photographers from institutions in the Southeast including Gerard Lange and his student, Aaron Ellis, from Barton College; Jared Ragland and his student, Devin Lunsford, from University of Alabama at Birmingham; Michael Marshall and his student, Morgan Holloman, from University of Georgia; and Charity Valentine with her student, Brittany Hand, from Pitt Community College in Winterville, North Carolina.


Michael Marshall: “Power”
Charity Valentine: “Breaking Ground”
Gerard Lange, “Ten Years East”
Jared Ragland: “Foreign Domestic: Identification and Differentiation as Pedagogical Strategy in Good Bad People,” by Catherine Wilkins

"Devin Lunsford," by Jared Ragland
"Morgan Holloman," by Michael Marshall
"Brittany Hand," by Charity Valentine
"Aaron Ellis," by Gerard Lange

“Engaged Practice,” by Michael Marshall
“Community Partners,” by Gerard Lange
“Roots: Partnering with NCMA,” by Charity Valentine
“Wise Blood: A Case Study in Engaged Learning Through Collaborative Curatorial Practice,” by Jared Ragland

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