Focal Plane, No. 9:
Culture & Change


Focal Plane, No. 9: Culture & Change

This issue of Focal Plane addresses these con- cepts from the common framework of culture. Upon these images, photographers inscribe meanings and associations important to them: identity, heritage, fragil- ity, and change. However, these photographers have moved beyond the fleeting into long study with projects spanning years of production and lifetimes of change. Sometimes we are too close to something to actually see it move. Yet in the hindsight of photography one can study the movement of culture in space and time.


Jerome DePerlinghi: “Witness to Change"
Jill Enfield: "The New Americans: Images and a Glasshouse Installation"
Nadia Sablin: "The Village," by Alyssa Lanphear
Michael Sherwin: "Vanishing Points and Vanishing History," by Katherine McCarthy

"Vicky Charles," by Nadia Sablin
"Lara Pinheiro," by Jill Enfield
"Raymond Thompson, Jr." by Michale Sherwin

"On Teaching," by Jill Enfield
"Educating a Community," by Gerard Lange
"On Editing a Large Boy of Work," by Nadia Sablin
"GPS Initiative," by Michael Sherwin

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